Kandice Garcia Tomkins


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I have always lived an active life. For as long as I can remember I was taking dance class, roller skating, on swim team, gymnastics, cheerleading, softball, or just playing outside with my sisters. Activity has always been “what I do”. When I was in undergraduate studies at San Diego State I decided to pursue exercise as my major and that has become one of the best decisions of my life.

At 23 I began a career as a “professional” personal trainer in San Francisco, Ca. I was determined to make a living off of doing what I loved surrounded by people who loved what I did. After 3 years of working with healthy individuals I was eager to know more about the body and went back to graduate school to pursue a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology. I loved fitness and what we could do with it but I began to see that there was so much about the function and disfunction of the body that I still didn’t know.

I have a bad habit of setting goals and always wanting more from myself so, shortly after graduate school I enrolled in a Nursing program to become a Registered Nurse. I thought if I am going to work with patients I better know how to really care for them.

After seven years in the hospital and a move back to San Diego, I have come full circle to fulfilling my purpose as a personal trainer. I have been able to take my deep knowledge of exercise and training and mix it with the medical skills of a nurse to be able to meet any client exactly where they are and bring them to where they want to be. I am humbled every day by the opportunity to get to support people through difficult transitions in their lives with movement and wellness. I am inspired by the courage they have to face their fears, do difficult things and break through the barriers that once held them back from achieving the dreams they have for themselves.

There is only one thing I want out of my professional life and that is to be here, with you, teaching you about your body, having you lift heavy things, making you out of breath and showing you the greatness that I see in you one session at a time.

The Team

It is my philosophy that as practitioners we all do what we do best and leave the other stuff to the “real professionals”. That’s why we take a team based approach to wellness programming and know that our clients are going to get the safest, most effective plans. Below are the wonderful people who will support you along the way.

Want to be part of our wellness team? Contact us with your specialty and lets talk about what we can do to better support all of our clients.