Get Coordinated

One of the challenges with living a healthier life is that you are responsible for sifting through the piles of information out there to create a plan that is specific for your needs. You must know which practitioners are the “good” ones and if they are qualified to do what you need them to do. You must understand how your life outside of the Doctor’s office effects what is happening inside. You have to be able to set goals, and evaluate what is working and what is not, coordinate your own schedule, change your diet, exercise more and ultimately change your life while still managing your family and your career. For most people, it’s a daunting task that can be overwhelming and ultimately discourage them from making any changes at all.

It came to my attention many years ago while working as a Registered Nurse that I could play a much needed role in the coordination of western medicine and holistic care as a Wellness Coordinator. I work as your advocate to help translate physician recommendations and find a team of practitioners in your area that support your overall goals. Together you and I will build a plan that not only works for your life, but give you the confidence to care for your body in a way that leads you to a healthier and happier future.

Wellness Coordination Package


Comprehensive physical, nutritional and lifestyle assessment

4 one-on-one coaching sessions/month

Wellness team management

Physician collaboration

Nutritional and supplement recommendations


(3 month commitment)