Fitness After Baby

So, you’ve had your baby and you are now living in a body that doesn’t feel like yours, doesn’t move like it used to and on top of that there is so much pressure these days to “get your body back” after pregnancy that we miss the point of what is happening. You have undergone a major transformation physically, mentally, emotionally and every other -lly that exists. Movement is just one of the aspects of your life that you get to rebuild, slowly one step at a time.

Our fitness class is designed specifically for postpartum moms. It starts off as a gentle reintroduction to basic training movements as your body heals and we help it to reconnect. Then as you gradually get stronger I help you to increase the complexity and intensity of your movements bringing you to a new level of fitness. Everyone brings their babies so you should too. Some days they will cooperate, and some days they won’t but, don’t worry about distracting the other participants we are all moms and know exactly what you are going through.

I am an expert in training clients with special conditions and when you are postpartum your body needs specialized programming to keep you safe while bringing you back to optimal health. This isn’t just a workout, it’s a place to rebuild the foundation of your movements, your habits and your relationship with your body.

Postpartum Fitness Classes

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Classes held Monday thru Thursday in Encinitas

$10 drop-in

Contact us for class times and location