The Value of Personal Training

It’s not just about losing weight and getting the body you want but, with a personalized program designed by a highly trained professional, you can also get better at the sports you love, prevent injury and disease, and create a healthier happier life.

As a certified exercise physiologist and personal trainer, I will take the time to find out what your fitness goals are, what you are willing to do to get there and what limitations you might have. From there I will design a program specifically for your needs, based on your interests to get you to your goals as quickly as possible. I will teach you about your body and what can be done through prescribed exercise while getting you in the best shape of your life and preventing future injury. Exercise can also be fun. When designed appropriately, you can get results you are looking for while becoming a better athlete so you can enjoy the activities you love to do outside of the gym. That’s what I believe training is all about.

There is no secret to being fit. Show-up, work hard, and consistently push the boundaries of what you are capable of. Personal Training with me will teach you how to do that for the rest of your life.

Personal Training Packages

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2 hour assessment- $250*

10 one-on-one sessions- $100/session

24 one-on-one sessions- $95/session

*Assessment included with purchase of a training program.